Max Crutchfield

Max Crutchfield

Account Executive, Sports Entertainment

While attending The University of Texas at Austin, a professor once asked Max, “Why’d you choose UT?” – to which he instinctively replied: “Football, why else?” Yep, he had it all figured out. But life threw a loop, as he soon found himself at an internship with FloSports. After all, Flo didn’t even cover football (yet). Despite his initial disorientation, he dove headlong into the nuance and intricacies of sports of all sorts from around the globe, growing his knowledge of sports content and the digital landscape alongside his worldview (of sports). For the first time, he saw beyond the Friday Night Lights. 

After graduation, Max spent two years as a copywriter at an Ad Agency before receiving a call from FloSports out of the blue. “What?,” he asked. “Leave my well-paying MadMan job for $0 salary and eight sweaty dudes in a basement startup? Count me IN!” Overcoming his tendency to self-deprecate, he’d go on to found & oversee multiple new divisions there, including O&O Events and New Sports, before resigning as Director of Global Rights Acquisition eight years later (56 in startup years). All told, he’d helped grow the company from eight to 350 employees, covering 4 sports to 25, and from having 0 subscribers to 100s of thousands. 

Then he found his calling: Music and Sports. Together.  

With a decade’s experience in sports media, and a love for hip-hop born out of the 90s, Max is able to provide clients in the sports market a rare level of insider knowledge, advice and precision care—one that would only be expected from APM. 



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