The APM Music Extension for Premiere Pro

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Designed for Adobe Premiere Pro

Access the Power of APM Music Search Within Adobe Premiere Pro

With the latest update to the APM Music Extension for Adobe Premiere Pro, you'll see a sleek new look and get access to all of the same great music found on our website!

  • Use our powerful search engine directly from within Adobe Premiere
  • Find the perfect tracks for your project
  • Download tracks directly into your active Adobe Premiere project
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Finding the perfect music just got easier!

Access over 1,000,000 premium-quality tracks using the powerful APM Search system right from within your active Adobe Premiere project. Without leaving your Adobe Premiere session, you can audition an endless supply of inspiring music from the APM catalog and place your selections directly into your session or keep track of favorites using our advanced project management system.


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Key Functionality

  • Download entire projects of music directly into your active Premiere session
  • Ability to download multiple file types (AIFF, WAV, MP3)
  • Share tracks and projects with colleagues
  • Two search modes: Explore and featured
  • Find Similar Tracks feature
  • Comprehensive project management features
  • Advanced predictive search
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How to get started

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