Jim Cathcart

Jim Cathcart

Account Executive

Jim Cathcart is an all-around audiohead! A firm believer that we are living in the golden age of entertainment, he has a longstanding commitment to the industry and the people who dedicate themselves to storytelling.

Jim’s focus at APM is creative music licensing for TV, Film and beyond. His work has included providing music for popular shows on FOX, The CW, Starz, Netflix, Virgin, PBS along with various documentary, independent and major studio films.

In addition to previous roles at Elias, licensing to notable brands in advertising and new media (Samsung, Nissan, Apple), and TV Development for Jay Faires, he began his career at LIONSGATE as a TV Music Coordinator. He is a graduate from UCLA with a BA from the School of Theater, Film and Television.

Fun fact: Jim’s alter ego is the frontman of a punk rock band, which has opened for the Adicts and Dead Kennedys. He has two dogs named Marilyn and Cheddar Biscuit, respectively. As a trusted music resource, he is always happy to help facilitate your project needs!

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