Bailey Garno

Bailey Garno

Account Executive - Studios, Film & TV

Bailey’s journey with APM began in 2017, when she started at the Front Desk, answering the APM hotline and greeting guests at the door. Within a few months, she graduated to the Account Development team and started working as an Account Coordinator under Adam Weitz and Jim Cathcart for the film and TV markets, as well as Rob Cairns for gaming and new media. For the next four years, Bailey would hone her knowledge of music licensing and the market landscape to become a reliable team member with sound judgement and expertise in servicing the variety of companies and clients that her team supports. She also developed a strong sense of APM’s own tools and systems and is a go-to resource for troubleshooting and developing standardized processes.

Today, Bailey is the newest Account Executive to joint the Studios’ team ranks. Overseeing APM’s relationships in the film, TV and theatrical marketing markets, Bailey is also spearheading APM’s efforts to provide a music licensing solution to the filmmakers of tomorrow through partnering with film schools around the country.

A Rochester, NY native, Bailey is delighted to engage in conversation around the volatility of central New York weather, the burgeoning local live music scene Upstate and garbage plates.

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