Adam Weitz

Adam Weitz

Director, Studios Film & TV

Meet Adam Weitz: Film/TV fanatic and bona-fide music nerd. Humming the theme from Jaws before he could walk, Adam was destined for a career marrying music to the moving image.

Adam heads up feature films, scripted television (studios) and theatrical marketing (trailers, promos) at APM.  His clients include Netflix, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Sony Pictures, NBC, CBS, FOX, FX, CW, Hulu and Amazon Studios, among many others. 

A native New Yorker now based in Los Angeles, he holds a BA in Film and Media Studies from Fordham University and a JD from Syracuse University.  His background as an attorney, composer and producer has provided him with a fresh perspective and unique sensitivity to the needs of his clients.

From tent-pole blockbusters to art-house indie films, single-camera comedies to trailers, featurettes and documentaries, Adam is the go-to source for film and TV professionals searching for exceptional music and creative licensing solutions for their projects.


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