Made in America, Kingdom 2 is an exclusive collection of rock, urban, blues, Americana, electronic instrumental tracks and authentic, street-tested full-lyric vocal songs for film, TV, and Trailers.

There are no imitations or approximations here. Our hip hop tracks are written, produced, and mixed by hip hop artists, our rock tracks come from national touring rock acts, and our composers are experienced orchestrators. Our Music Directors work tirelessly to track today’s films, shows, and trailers to guide K2’s composers and assure that our sound is contemporary and cutting-edge. Likewise, our A&R program has a constant ear to the ground, spending countless nights out in the music scene and advising new-artist acquisitions based on their findings.

Kingdom 2's beginnings: If there's one question we get asked more than "do you have a dub step record," it's "What's the story behind your logo?" For folks who are new to Kingdom 2, our logo is a small red devil Kingdom2-Little-Red-Logo-2012with a straight face and a tear in his eye, affectionately named Little Red. The story behind Little Red (and one that's been kept fairly secret for the past decade) begins with a record from Kingdom 2 CEO and Head Songwriter, Gooding. The record, called Life Itself featured the first incarnation of the teary-eyed devil as designed by Wichita-based artist, Wade Hampton. The concept evoked stories of meeting the devil at the crossroads and playing guitar so well it made evil himself shed a tear.

Over time, fans began to attach their own meanings and interpretations to Little Red - often coming up with larger-than-life stories of epic gigs and wild crowds until Gooding and Kingdom 2 became synonyms with the logo. Little Red can be seen everywhere from stickered onto spiral notebooks and car bumpers to tattooed on the arms of a good two dozen fans. Last year the band ran a Facebook campaign asking fans why they thought Little Red was crying. One fan philosophized that the tear symbolizes weakness leaving the body - and then decided that it was probably because of an "11 a.m. soundcheck". We at Kingdom 2 have our own answer (one clue is even hidden in the lyrics of a song in the catalog) but we always love hearing new theories.

In ten years Little Red has gone from a 2D album cover to a plush doll with a back story. Who knows what he'll become next.