In his own words... 

My music is my life. I speak on my own personal experiences. Good and bad, happy and is what it is.

What I've been through, what I've seen.

It's more than just music to me. It's my heart, soul and blood laced over instrumentals. Everything I say is a true story, my story.

My flow is the soundtrack to my life.

My Hustle. My Love. My Passion.

Vibe with me.

Howee (How-We)


CROOK'd SURFACE album synopsis

Okay, I'm re-loaded!!! Lemme break down my album CROOK'd SURFACE so that u may see it a lil clear through my vision.

There r certain events and particular periods a person goes through in life that changes his/her ways of thinking 4 ever or 4 a very long time.

This album is based on a very significant and equally cr-a-zy period in my life that I struggle back and forth with as I attain closure on the events that sorrounded that time. My thuggin' and hustlin' days. It stretches from the US to Africa. Maaan did I go through it y'all. Bushwick Bill (Geto Boys) put it best (after he forced his girl to shoot him point blank range to his face taking out his eye)..."dope dealing has certain inevitable outcomes and repercussions. One is death, other is incarceration and another is loosing ur friggin mind."

Luckily some of us are blessed to have a release to make the transition into normal society after 'getting out' the game (eg Jay-Z, Scarface, Young Jeezy, T.I to name a few Hip-Hop greats) and they had a verbal release by expressing their thoughts and actions/experiences through music thus recording classic albums like Reasonable Doubt, The Fix, Thug Motivation 101 and Trap Musik. Rimbaud (old century artist) put it best that "before an artist can get to their truths they must experience all forms of love, suffering and madness". After what I've gone through as a man and survived those motions now I may go 'out of my mind' literally and place my words on straight wax. And that's what I'm offering you here, my mind, heart n soul embodied onto instrumentals.

That in itself is a blessing. I thank God for music. I thank God everyday for allowing me to be here and beating the odds in my own right and participating in this wonderful art-form called Hip-Hop through beats, snares n all-o-dat. It's a beautiful thing fo'real!!!

So in this album, conveniently titled 'CROOK'd SURFACE' (also coz many of the beats have been used by other artists b4), the content is dominantly based on those days that I can trully say are past me (I promise Mom haha...seriously though...btw listen to 'Sorry Mama'...classic!!!). So I've taken those experiences and now spreading them to computers, CD players and iPods all across the globe. Thank you to my listeners and fans in USA, UK, Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, Germany, Tanzania, Uganda, Ukraine, India, Norway etc (I track my demographics btw) for visiting my site and playing/downloading my music and vibing with an O.G (Original Ganster). We only getting started yo...

Hey don't get it twisted 4 a minute tho, I'm NOT in any way glorifying crime or anything related to breaking any laws, I'm just stating my truths based on my personal experiences. I love my family and my fans to try mis-lead my's trully a f'd up world yo, trust (underworld). So love it or hate it (my music that is) but I bliv u gotta respect it. It is what it is!!!

So enjoy and Im just getting my feet wet coz bliv I got many many more tracks in the oven on the way. Most shall be free although I'm still getting paid royalties for this and 50/50 advertising revenue including a digital distribution deal...just being honest for other artists sake. It's still and will always be love. For now I'm taking it a step at a time as you should and journeying. Holler at ur bwoy!!!

-Howee (How-We)