Francesco Siano


Francesco Siano is an Italian music composer and sound designer based in Rome. He scores in many different musical styles and is equally confident creating Electronic scores or Orchestral and instrumental works. Siano specializes in electronically manipulating sampled sound sources and instruments to create diverse and evocative music, soundscapes and sound design.


His works have been placed in TV series and documentaries of leading broadcasters such as RAI, BBC, MTV, ABC, Eurosport, TF1, NRJ 12, ION Television, The Weather Channel, Telemundo, Nederland 2, TFX, TMC, SAT.1 (AT), AHC, Travel Channel, Sat.1 (CH), TF1, N TV, Univision, RTL Television, ZDF, Tagesschau 24, ProSieben, SWR FS, Outdoor Channel, N24 (DE), NFL, Nederland 3, RMC Découverte and more!


You can hear Siano’s stunning Orchestral Hybrid compositions in Nightingale Music’s “Dark Reflective Drama” (NIGHT-0158).