ReverbNation Music artist e-dubble is a truthful, independent artist; with a cognitive, lyrical style of awareness and progressive instrumental sound. E-dubble’s debut album Hip-Hop is Good was completely written, recorded and produced by e-dubble over the course of a year. Hip-hop is good: a statement, a title, nay… a fact. 30 years of hip-hop, 30 years of innovation. This album explores rap music from the eyes of a generation who have seen hip-hop saddled with such labels as gangster, underground, conscious and pop- and through that exploration ends up in some faraway place that still feels like home. Lyrics about struggle and happiness, beats with that boom bap that are not afraid of a little melody. Hip Hop is Good has something for everyone.

Check out this amazing version of the Parks and Recreation theme song remixed by e-dubble!