Chris B Harris

Chris B. Harris

Chris B. Harris is a seasoned professional in the realm of music composition for television and film. With a career spanning over 15 years, Chris, often recognized by his alias DJ $crilla, initially embarked on his musical journey. However, it wasn't until a collaboration with a graphic designer on one of his album artworks that he stumbled into the world of licensing.

The turning point arrived when Chris secured an opportunity with Warner/Chappell Production Music to contribute to "Platinum Beatz Hip Hop." This marked the beginning of an impressive journey, with Chris swiftly amassing hundreds of placements for his songs across renowned networks like ESPN, HBO, NBA, NFL, Showtime, Starz, and more.

Notable successes include a major placement on HBO's Ballers, with the track "The Game" featured prominently in several episodes.


The pinnacle of Chris's success came with the song "Against The World," nominated for a prestigious Mark Award by the Production Music Association (PMA). The track clinched the 2016 Mark Award for "Best Hip Hop Track," showcasing Chris's dedication and talent. A subsequent 2020 Mark Award in the category of "Best Non-Categorical/Wildcard Track" solidified his status in the industry.


Continuing his musical endeavors, Chris has contributed to projects like "LIT Hip Hop Hits, Vol. 2," "At All Costs Hip Hop 3," "Hip Hop Nation," and "Flexin Hip Hop." With a vibrant charisma and unwavering work ethic, Chris B. Harris is poised to explore new musical territories and further elevate his already impressive career.


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