Jed Justeson

Music Director

Jed Justeson was an APM client for decades before joining the APM team, so he knows the user experience firsthand!

A USC Film School Grad, he was music supervisor on a Peabody Award winning television show and is the recipient of Cannes Silver Lion and London International Film Festival awards.  As a sound designer and Foley artist, he’s created thousands of sound effects, making lady bugs and ice cubes speak.  He’s not a surf Kook, but did spend a year interviewing early surfers and documenting surf history in California and Hawaii as part of a Paul Newman Foundation grant.  His current focus is on the advertising and documentary markets, but he has also become our resident metadata wrangler in the battle to establish standardized tagging language. 

A believer in the use of music as a storytelling element and the synergistic power of sound and images, when not at APM, Jed undertakes a different kind of storytelling by shooting landscape photography with film the size of your head.


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