Ivan Taylor

Ivan Taylor

Accounting Associate

Ivan graduated from Loyola Marymount University in May 2019 with a BBA, emphasis in Entertainment Finance. Inspired by relatives in the Film, TV, and music industries, and growing up in the entertainment capital of the world that is Los Angeles, it is no surprise that Ivan quickly looked to enter the entertainment industry following his graduation.


Music has always been a part of Ivan’s life: from an early age inspiration and taste came from his father, then a touring musician, and from early elementary through middle school Ivan sang in renowned children’s choir groups, performing at Carnegie Hall and other significant venues. After transitioning towards electronic music production in 2011, and joining ASCAP in 2018, Ivan remains a passionate hobbyist producer of electronic music for original release and production licensing.


Ivan’s music affinities span a wide range of genres. Some eclectic favorites include Bjork, At the Drive-In, Destroyer, Arcade Fire, KOAN Sound, Future, Kate Bush, Skrillex, Weezer, Amanda Palmer and Rezz. 

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