Matt Naylor

Matt Naylor

Creative Director, Custom Music

Matt Naylor was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and later moved to Nashville, Tennessee to study music at Belmont University. While studying at Belmont, he worked as an engineer for a number of producers and studios. His most notable collaborations during this time were with Jason Mraz, Selena Gomez, Casting Crowns and Travis Cottrell.

After graduating, Matt moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a composer and songwriter. Five years later, Matt has written over 450 songs and has achieved thousands of placements including tracks in Gone Girl, X-Men - Days of Future Past, Lincoln (Steven Spielberg), Django Unchained, Monday Night Football, NashFM radio Themes, Building Wild (Nat Geo) just to name a few.

He currently works at APM Music in the APM Custom division as the Creative Director. He oversees and contributes to the on-going creative process, ensuring production quality and high level compositions. 

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