Themes International

Themes International (TIM)

The KPM Themes International library is a resounding example of KPM’s heritage. Founded in the ’70s by renowned composers of the day, this library was created to get back in touch with the popular music of the times. The result is an incredible testament to the music of its era, and a fantastic collection of archival gems.

Themes International Vinyl Series
The Themes International Vinyl Series were recorded throughout the 1970s and ‘80s by some of the greatest session musicians of our time including Madeline Bell and Brian Bennett. Founded by Alan Parker, the collection encapsulates the true essence of those decades. From soulful jazz and ultra-cool funk to breezy, carefree easy listening; you needn’t look any further for a diverse, classic catalogue.

Themes International CD Series
A continuation of the definitive vinyl catalogue, the Themes International CD Series crosses multiple genres and delivers a classic, nostalgic sound.

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