Spot On (SPOTON)

High-quality music for advertising, promos, marketing and programming.

It’s the mood that matters
Creative people don’t think in genres. They think in moods. And so do we. Our albums are based on the idea of “impressions”, spanning many genres, and joined together by the way they make a listener feel.

Music that thinks for you
All music comes in all sizes, so you can grab-and go.
• Lengths of 2:00, :60, :30, :15.
• Additional unique alternate mixes for each length.
• Multiple tags, stings and mnemonics.
• An average of 10 versions per theme.

Operation customization
Need to tailor a piece to fit that spot just right? No problem here. Every track is fully customizable.

Stemming the tide
Need to make your own mix? Have a super hands-on client? We have stems available for all tracks, and ready for you to put your re-mixed mind at ease.

Nothing beats live players
If you want to convey emotion, you gotta have the human touch. Our music features live performances, from live people, using real live instruments. What a concept!

The Spot On catalog is produced by David Bramfitt, Andrew DeWitt and Joel Goodman, who have a combined 50+ years of experience producing music for film & TV.

Music Director Service

Music Directors