Sonoton STT

Sonoton Trailer Tracks (STT)

The global demand for high-end trailer and promo music inspired this STT series. It is Sonoton's most expensive production series to-date, recorded with full symphony orchestras, live choirs and custom electronics for true Hollywood cinematic dimension.

Trailer Music is at the foundation of successful theatrical advertising. Its catalytic power transforms and inspires the creative art form. Sonoton’s mission is to re-imagine this artistic evolution.

Our ever-expanding team of talented composers, producers, and musicians along with renowned orchestras from around the world constantly strive to create the best Trailer music.

Composer and producer Gregor F. Narholz is at the helm of our STT series, always making sure the highest standards are at the center of every new concept and collaboration.
One such recent collaboration, STT 040 - BLOCKBUSTER, combines the shining talents of Casey Stone, recording engineer at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, engineer David Santiago, The London Metropolitan Orchestra, The Bulgarian Studio Orchestra, and the multi-award winning mastering touches of Gavin Lurssen.

We continue to work at an unrelenting pace to bring you more relevant and up-to-date productions, ensuring each album receives the attention it deserves.

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