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Imagine a library with a time portal allowing users to literally go back in time. Yes, that is an
episode of Start Trek where Spock falls in love with a gorgeous cavewoman, but it's also pretty
close to what our users will experience with our new Vintage label, Retrorama Records.
Okay, we don't have a working time portal (or any cave people), but once you hear the music, it
might feel like we do! Retrorama is a nuanced musical voyage right through the 20th century.
Looking for authentic '70s Funk or Soul? Check. '60s Doo Wop or Motown? Yup. '50s Horn Pop,
Muzak, '40s Swing, Early Jazz, Blues, Ragtime, Tin Pan Alley and more? Absolutely. To top things
off, we went to tweaky extremes to ensure our tracks sound exactly like the time period they
represent. Your clients will think you spent hours digging through dusty attic albums, but in this
case, Retrorama has done the digging for you. We know you'll dig the music!

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