Proviva (ISPV)

Today’s Avant-Garde, Tomorrow's Classics. 

For many years, Sonoton Music has been dedicated to and supportive of serious, modern 20th and 21st Century music. Avant-garde and contemporary, composed for the concert stage as well as multimedia, the music is charged with emotion, augmented by unusual and whimsical sounds, unique instrumentation and a modern edge that defines the genre.  

Featured in this 39 albums collection, with many more online releases coming, are leading international composers such as Krzysztof Meyer, Augustyn Bloch, Dimitri Terzakis, and James Dashow, along with renowned performers like The Kronos Quartet, The Wilanow Quartet, Warsaw Wind Quintet da Camera, The Franz Schubert Quartet, Trio Brahms, trial and error Ensemble, and the avant-garde flutist Beate-Gabriela Schmitt. These world-renowned artists, ranging from solo guitarists to full symphony orchestras, reflect and create this eclectic avant-garde music of the 20th and 21st Centuries in superb recordings, suited to a wide spectrum of ambitious and unusual visual presentations and illustrations.

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