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Nightingale Music (NIGHT)

The NIGHTINGALE MUSIC LIBRARY, an internationally recognized and respected boutique library, features a roster of more than 70 world-class, award-winning, international composers including: Stephan Moccio, co-writer of the Celine Dion hit "A New Day" and the 2010 Winter Olympics theme "I Believe," who has also written for Josh Groban, Sarah Brightman and many more; Rob Duncan TV & film series composer (Shattered, Buffy, Lie To Me); Michael Picton, composer for Cirque De Soleil, Flash Gordon, I Want to Work for Diddy theme and CNN, Universal & PBS station IDs; Dean Landon, platinum award-winning songwriter and TV show composer and Ari Posner, songwriter and composer for film and TV's Flashpoint & Get Ed.

In addition to utilizing the talent of top composers with the highest production values, The Nightingale Music Library is designed to be flexible and editable with typically 3-4 various versions/lengths of every song to cover all possible options. The music is written thematically, but always includes underscores and/or loop sections for use under dialogue.

Nightingale features a wide range of styles & genres for many moods including a sports collection, new-age and world beat offerings, swing blues and big band sounds, children's and Christmas music, and horror tracks, as well as a collection of expansive and exquisite orchestral music recorded in Prague.

Nightingale’s latest "World Series" features great vintage Hawaiian tracks as well as a stunning "Bollywood" album, A Taste of India, composed by the well-known Bollywood film composer, Amar Mohile, which features both pure indigenous tracks and great western-fused film and trailer tracks.

Not just production music! Although The Nightingale Music Library is made entirely of "production" music, Nightingale is proud that its music can also be found on many iPods and computers, downloaded just for personal enjoyment!

The Nightingale Music Library has been heard in just about every country and on every network in the world!

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