NFL Films Music Library

NFL Films Music Library (NFL)

Music Designed to Tell Stories

Often imitated but never equaled - NFL Films productions aren't just seen; they're felt. NFL music is the music that helped define a style that still sets the standard. For NFL Films, music has always held great importance in the production process and, along with the booming narrations and magnificent moving images of the game of pro football, music served as a key element of what has become known as The NFL Films Style.

Steeped in tradition but relentlessly innovative, this music has created a reputation of the highest production quality, powerful, dramatic moods and dynamic support for the most compelling visual content. The reason for this simple, NFL Films Music is not created as "production music", it shares DNA with great film scores and classic popular music. This music is created to be part of the artistic identity of NFL Films. This is music that wins Emmy Awards, puts a lump in your throat and makes your eyes well or your fist pump. Designed to tell stories, this music is an invaluable creative resource.

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