Liquid Cinema

Liquid Cinema (LQC)

The Sound of Hollywood
LIQUID CINEMA is an award-winning premiere trailer and promo music library with cutting-edge sound design, offering the highest level of emotional intensity and production quality for your project.
Liquid Cinema’s catalog brings together some of today's hottest composers, songwriters, artists, sound designers and music producers. Every track is mixed and mastered by the best engineers in the field. Sonic quality is a top priority. Each track offers stems, alternate mixes, and cutdowns.  
Sound design for trailers and promos is an essential part of the catalog, and Liquid Cinema works with the best in the field. Toolkits include everything from massive impacts, risers, and drops to unique offerings like solo vocals, drummers, holiday sound effects, drones, soundscapes and more. 
"It's all about emotion," says Liquid Cinema founder, producer and award-winning composer, Jeff Rona. "Liquid Cinema covers a deep range of essential styles and genres, all done with perfect trailer production skills and cinematic emotional flare and intensity." 
The results are a sound as big as the movies…and beyond

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