Liquid Cinema

Liquid Cinema (LQC)

The Sound of Hollywood

Liquid Cinema is a premiere trailer music library of perfectly crafted scores for all types of trailers, promos, commercials, and underscores.

Using the same top level approach as major film scores, Liquid Cinema brings together some of today's hottest young and veteran composers, songwriters, artists and producers - performed with live orchestras, singers, drummers, and all kinds of top notch instrumentalists. Each track is mixed and mastered by James T. Hill, who has engineered for James Newton Howard, Harry Gregson-Williams, Hans Zimmer, Jeff Rona, Apple, Mad Men, and numerous top-selling albums.

"It's all about emotion," says Liquid Cinema producer and award-winning film composer, Jeff Rona. Liquid Cinema covers styles and genres such as epic drama, suspense, action, fantasy, minimalist, hip hop, rock, inspirational, ethnic, and more - all done with cinematic emotional flare and intensity.

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