KPM Toolkit

KPM Tookit (KPMTK)

The KPM Scoring Toolkit allows you to adapt our music to your image and create your own soundtracks from our orchestral elements. Each track is divided into sections called motifs which can be removed, looped or re-ordered to follow the mood of your production. All tracks are recorded with live musicians and mixed at our bespoke studios in London.

To rearrange the tracks, drop each motif into your editing software 4 beats before you want it to start, and it will line up seamlessly with the previous motif. You can switch between tracks on the same album, and some tracks allow you to use motifs across different albums (see album descriptions for details). To register your usage, use the original track title, or if you’ve combined elements from different tracks log your new combination as “Scoring Toolkit” by the relevant composers.





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