JW Media Music (JW)

JW Media Music is one of the leading independent production music publishers in the UK. This growing collection of just over 250 CD’s reflecting the company’s ethos of working with exciting talented composers and musicians makes this a popular and useful addition to the APM stable.   We work with some of the UK’s finest composers and create some of the most exciting production music around.  This long established production music label has been around since the early days of production music in the 1950’s – see also the JW Media Music Vault Collection for over 200 more albums of original recorded archive production music.

Based in central London JW Media Music has an ever growing roster of composers and works with some of the most exciting composers of production music today: Tom Howe; Nik Ammar, James McWilliam, The Huntsmen, Paul Cuddeford,  Mark Cherrie and many more.  JW has music successfully placed in programs, films and adverts across the world and is a top supplier of production music to the BBC in the UK as well as providing key themes for many other major British TV shows. Once you start using this catalogue you won’t want to ever stop!

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