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This London based production music label was started by the broadcast music department at Joseph Weinberger now JW Media, in the mid-50’s and immediately went to work filling the emerging need for television music with their stable of accomplished composers. The name ‘Impress’ was created by a music editor at the company, who extended the ‘IMP’ of ‘Inter-Art Music Publishing’. Working often with a Stuttgart-based large orchestra, Impress was fortunate enough to commission compositions from notable composers such as Steve Race OBE, Van Phillips and Ronald Binge - all of whom made substantial contributions to early BBC broadcasts and other US and UK commercial releases. This orchestral library quickly grew under their expert cooperation to include comedy, drama and romance scores. These tracks could be long and complex arrangements, or incredibly brief musical cues for music supervisors to sample and edit at their leisure. Often the bpm and key information for the tracks would be included, allowing for producers to mix and match tracks across the entire library. These beautiful orchestral tracks brought levity, joy and drama to a generation of international television and film - recognisable now as a powerful artifact of a golden-era of production music. Inter-art ceased production in the mid-70’s but continue to be licensed by JW Media today.

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