Epic Score

Epic Score (ES)

Larger Than Life. Massive Impact.

Loud. Pounding. Screaming. Huge. Need we say more?

Epic Score launched in 2006 with Gabriel Shadid and Tobias Marberger at the helm. The goal: produce exciting, loud, crazy music that would make people shake their heads and wonder what was wrong with us; and we hoped that somewhere along the way, clients would find this insanity useful. Now that we're three years into it, we have been told that clients now seek out the "Epic Score sound". We are honored to know that there is even such as thing. We have recorded our own choirs, orchestras, percussion and many other elements to create our unique sound and we're thrilled that people have adopted it. We're also very fortunate to work with a small team of very creative people.

At the end of the day, we love this kind of music and hope that our passion comes through in our tracks.

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