Endgame (END)

Video games have taken over the entertainment industry, generating more revenue than both film and television. It's no surprise that the success of the gaming business has allowed it to attract the highest level of talent for their soundtracks, which now rival those of films both in terms of budget and quality. Early on, APM recognized the composing talent in the game industry, and approached the top-level composers to create a unique music library: Endgame.

The Endgame library houses an eclectic collection of music, spanning a variety of genres. The composers provide a wide assortment of music, ranging from investigative electronica to heroic action and adventure, to gritty sports rock. No matter what the genre, one thing remains the same: each cue is specifically designed to support the picture.

In addition to the main library, we also feature a companion series, Endgame Classics. This series includes actual soundtracks from videogames, made available for media use.

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