Dronebox (DBX)

DRONEBOX - The ultimate collection of sustained atmospheres and textures for film, documentary and media. From simple monotone drones to complex layers and tone clusters, from vintage and modern electronic sound sources through to organic and orchestral instruments. Uniquely, all the tracks in the Dronebox library have been written in the key of E providing the film-maker with the opportunity to combine/layer complete tracks or blend any number of individual Stems from a variety of tracks to design their very own unique multi-layered soundscapes. Our objective is to provide textures of subtlety and nuance, a ‘less is more’ approach, and to help us achieve the best of this we embrace the latest digital and organic sound sources along with an impressive collection of analogue synthesisers from yesteryear. This enables us to create a series of unique and individual sustained atmospheres and underscores for all productions.

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