Ded Good

Ded Good (CDGML)

(CDGML) Features The original Ded Good series

Ded Good Music is unashamedly a niche library. It doesn’t aim to offer the most music, but the most usable. It aspires to empower the creative film producer with a unique and seriously fresh collection of funky, ûber cool, mind-blowing inspirational tracks. Ded Good Music is a youthful, edgy and energetic library, producing contemporary tracks that range from the dynamic highs and lows of dance and indie rock to the dramatic and emotional sophistication of world music, chill-out and sci-tech - and a whole bunch of other stuff in-between! Known best for its natural flair for composing contemporary uplifting motivational music, it also has a fantastic and well-regarded collection of on-trend dance tracks.

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