Crimewav (CWV)

From the criminal mastermind of multiple Emmy-Award winner Dan Brown Jr, comes his next lawless endeavor… Introducing CrimeWav.

This newest resource for all things criminal and investigatory, features co-written tracks from DBJ and various hand-selected composers from around the world. With a focus on Crime Scenes, Ominous Textures, Atmospheres, Understated Percussion Beds, Cyber and Financial Crimes as well as Dark, yet dialog-friendly Underscores, you’ll easily connect our sonic clues to discover what we’re all about, Crime!

To keep things super simple, CrimeWav releases 12 volumes a year, featuring 12 tracks per volume offering exactly 12 stems per track. “12, 12, 12… This way, our clients always know what to expect from a CrimeWav cue and with the search for phenomenal music out of the way, they can quickly get back to focusing on the other important aspects of the production like editing, color-grading, sound-design, mixing and so on,” says Dan Brown Jr.

Listen closely, there’s a CrimeWav coming…

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