Cezame Carte Blanche

Cezame Carte Blanche (CCB)

Cézame’s CARTE BLANCHE collection affirms our belief in a new departure for production music. Still principally concerned with the exploitation of musical works in the audiovisual sector, we are equally committed to the promotion of musical creativity on disk, directed at the public at large, and indirectly benefitting live performances. CARTE BLANCHE offers its musicians a creative framework unfettered by labels or style giving free rein to sensitivity, originality and spontaneity. With the many contemporary composers whose work we promote, we share the conviction that the old barriers between “serious” and “functional” music could disappear if we propose a genuine alternative. We at Cézame feel we break with the conformism and complacency so often prevailing in the audiovisual sphere and to bring together artists and professionals in a genuine creative framework where music and image coincide.

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