Afromusique (AFRO)

SONOTON MUSIC is proud to bring you AFRO MUSIQUE, a stunning collection of albums compiled from the popular South African MAMA DANCE! label including a huge range of contemporary African styles: African Hip-Hop, Kwaito, Ambient, Dance, Afro Pop, Electro, Dub, Reggae, Ragga, Ethno, Acoustic, Solo Guitar, Scenic and Filmic. Over 40 top African Artists, Composers and Musicians such as Freshly Ground, Kalahari Surfers, TKZee, Derek Gripper, Ben Amato, Jika, and Jerushy and Busi Mhlongo produced the latest in Dance, Pop, Hip Hop and Electronica. You will find all the authentic African music you’ll ever need for your Films, Documentaries, Broadcast and Cable Programs and Commercials. For the first time ever, this amazing music is made available for production use through Sonoton.

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