Registering, Getting Started, & Settings

Who should sign up to use APM's music?
Anyone who needs music for their project should sign up for an APM Search account.

What does it mean to have an APM account? What's included? How do I join?
When you register, you agree that if you use our music in a production, you will license it. With that understanding we grant you complete access to all of our music and services at no cost. You will immediately be able to listen to, create project folders, and even share music. Once your registration is approved, you will be granted access to download any music. You will be assigned an APM contact, who will personally assist you with licensing and answering questions as you go. There is no annual fee, no minimum spend, and we become a full-service music resource for you. To join, click here.

For legal purposes, we ask that each APM user have their own individual login to the website that is associated with their individual email address. As a client, you have accepted an agreement that if you use our music in a production, then you will license it. If there are others with your company who need access to the library, please have them register with their company email address.

I've downloaded tracks and want to use them in my project. Now what?
Great! Please get in touch with your APM contact who will advise you on the licensing and pricing options that will work best for your project. If you do not know who your APM contact is, please email info@apmmusic.com.

How do I reset my username, email, or password?
To reset your password, you must have an active account with APM Music. If you do not, please register first here.

To request a password reset email, visit the 'Login' link at the top right of the home page. You will then receive an email to the address associated with your account by clicking the 'Forgot your password' link. If you do not automatically receive an email, please be sure to check your spam folder before contacting us directly.

To reset your username or email address, please contact us directly at support@apmmusic.com.

Licensing & Pricing

What is a music license and why do I need one? 
A license is the legal and necessary permission to use our music in any production. When you license music for a production, you need to obtain the rights to two distinct things: the composition and the actual recording of that composition. These two sides of a music license are often referred to as the "publishing" and the "master" rights, respectively. Often the folks who control the publishing rights don't control the recordings. So, historically, it was very difficult for creators to track down all the entities necessary to licenses these rights. APM Music is the solution to this problem, because we grant both the publishing and master rights in our license. 

What are the risks in not obtaining a proper music license? 
If you're using music without the proper licenses, you're risking statutory damages from the copyright holder and your production could be banned by a court-imposed injunction. TV networks, film distributors and streaming subscription sites will want to review your licensing paperwork before exhibiting your production. Additionally, there is software used on sites like YouTube to detect if music is being used without a proper license. So, at the very least, if you don't have a proper music license, your production may never reach your intended audience.

What licensing options does APM offer?
To license per use or on a per production basis, APM offers a pay-per-use licensing option, also known as "needledrop pricing". If you are looking to use more music, APM also offers blanket options to allow you to use unlimited music within a specified term. Depending on your music needs, your Account Executive can help you determine which option is best for you. We do NOT require any kind of licensing minimums or subscription fees from our clients. Please reach out to your Account Executive directly for more details. If you do not have an account with APM, register for one here.

What is a needledrop? 
Needledrop refers to the amount of times a track is used within a single production. A single needledrop is one continuous use of a track, up to the track's full duration. 

What is library and production music? 
"Library Music" also known as "Production Music" is music made for background, theme, source or score. Our music on our website is not intended for personal use and licensing is required if you use any of our tracks in a production.

Is APM Music a royalty free or buyout library? 
While APM is an easy, one-stop solution to music licensing, we are not a royalty-free or buyout library. We believe in paying composers fairly.

How much does it cost to use your music?  
APM Music offers various licensing options depending on our clients' needs. For the most part, our pricing is dependent on the type of production you're looking to use our music in and it's intended exploitation rather than which piece of music you choose. For specific rates, please reach out to speak to a member of the APM sales team at (323) 461-3211. 

There is a claim on my Youtube video. How can I remove it? 
If you have a valid license with APM covering use of our music in your Youtube video, please email APM Content ID Notifications (contentid@apmmusic.com) for removal of any claims.

How do I pay you for music I've used?
You can pay by check, ACH bank transfer or by credit card. 

Finding The Right Track

How often do you add new music to your library?
We add 5000+ new tracks every 6-8 weeks throughout the year. Check out our new releases here.

Do you have any tips and tricks for how to search?
We have a dedicated support center which includes, among many other pieces of helpful information, an entire section on tips for searching for music. Click here.

How do I create/share a project? 
In order to create a project you must first be signed in to your account. Once signed in, select the "My Projects" tab on the top right. By selecting the tab, a window will appear on the right hand side of the page. In the window, select the folder icon. This will allow you to create/name a project. Once created, begin adding tracks to the playlist by either selecting the + icon underneath a track or by dragging and dropping the track into the appropriate folder. When your playlist is complete, share it with coworkers by selecting the right arrow icon. Click here to watch a tutorial on our project functionality.

Which file formats can I download your music in? 
You can download our music as MP3 (128kps), MP3 (320kps), WAV (48kHz) and AIFF (48kHz).

Do you have sound effects? 
APM’s catalog primarily focuses on musical cues, not isolated sound effects (ex. dog barks). That said, we do have a great selection of Sound Design available here. Here you'll find a comprehensive collection of rises, pulses, whooshes, etc. that you can use to build and enhance the soundscape in your content. 


Do I have to report the music I've used?  To whom? 
In order for us and our partners to pay the composers of the music that you've used, we rely on you to report what music you used to APM Music. If you are licensing per-use (needledrop) or per-production, you will likely provide us with this information upfront. If you are on an annual or multi-year agreement, we work with you to set a manageable reporting schedule. You can report in a variety of formats which we will guide you through, and also can be done via a cue sheet (see below).

What's a cue sheet and do I need one? 
 A cue sheet reports to the licensor and performance rights organizations (PROs), what music has been used throughout a broadcast production. A cue sheet lists all of the tracks used in a production as well as the composers and publishers associated with each track. if you are working on a broadcast production, you will need a cue sheet and can download one here. APM has also developed a Cue Sheet Tool to help with the creation of cue sheets. You will still need to send APM and the PROs your completed cue sheet. 

I used APM in my film/TV show. How do I credit you?
If you've used APM's music and you'd like to mention us in the credits, you can use the following format:

  • “Track Title"
  • Written by (names of composers)
  • Courtesy of APM Music

Composer Submission

APM Music represents around 150 different labels throughout the world and we handle their licensing within the US and Canada. APM does not hire or work with the composers directly, we simply facilitate the licensing of the music. Please click here if you are interested in submitting your music for consideration. 
Please note that due to the volume of inquiries we receive, we are unable to respond to everyone. We appreciate your interest in APM and will be in touch if we find there is an opportunity to work together. We do request that you not submit your music more than once. Thank you!


*I'm outside of the USA and Canada - how do I register with you?

APM is authorized to license our music when it is synchronized in the U.S. or Canada. If the synchronization (music insertion stage of the creative process) will occur outside of the U.S. or Canada, we defer to our foreign partners to help you.