Super Bowl 2024

Top Ten Super Bowl Commercials Featuring APM Music

02 Feb 2024

The Super Bowl may be the biggest day for football fans, but some might argue that the commercials steal the show. A recent study states that 42% of Super Bowl viewers tune in precisely for the commercials alone. 

Each Super Bowl ad is like a mini-movie featuring the biggest stars, the funniest scripts, and the strongest emotions. They are unique and memorable, with an unspoken competition on which one will get the most attention. 

APM is proud to have our music featured in some of your favorite Super Bowl commercials throughout the years. Here are the Top Ten Super Bowl Commercials Featuring APM Music 

10. Busch Beer - BUSCHHHHH (2017) – There is nothing quite like being one with nature. And a cold beer tastes that much better in the great outdoors, except when it disrupts the peace and quiet! KPM's track "My Story Begins" sets the majestic tone in this 2017 ad for Busch Beer.

9. Toyota Highlander – The Big Game Commercial (2020) - Many times, it's hard to decipher what is being advertised under the big Hollywood treatments and special effects of Super Bowl commercials. The Big Game takes us on a drama-filled adventure complete with a tense symphonic score across many different movie sets. Our heroine saves the day in her Toyota Highlander and rides off into the night (narrowly escaping a scary alien on her tail!) with the soulful Sonoton classic "Love Is The Answer" playing on the stereo.

8. Febreze - The Only Man Whose Bleep Don't Stink (2018) – Leave it up to Febreze to take a potentially embarrassing topic of conversation into interview-styled hilarity. This friendly reminder to resupply the bathroom air freshener for your Super Bowl party is scored with the fun and plucky track "Baked Alaska" from Lemoncake.

7. Colgate - Close Talker (2019) – Luke Wilson's habit of close-talking becomes less awkward thanks to Colgate Total's ability to freshen your breath. Lucky for him, the six-foot separation rule had not yet been standardized in 2019! Sonoton's snappy and cheeky pizzicato jam "Electro Bounce" scores this uncomfortable tale of social unawareness.

6. T-Mobile - Team Anthony Anderson vs. Team Mama (2021) – Family football games can get intense. Anthony Anderson squares off with his mother for a not-so-friendly game of football, which includes Travis Kelce (spoiler alert!) as Mama's ringer to bring home the win. Swifties, unite! Nobody knows football better than the NFL Films Music Library, so it's no surprise that their tense and action-packed track "The Equalizer" composed by the great Sam Spence is scoring the drama.

5. Remy Martin - Inch by Inch ft. Serena Williams (2023) – Serena Williams drops some serious truth regarding teamwork and what it takes to edge out your competition. This dramatic message is scored nicely with building orchestral tension from the track "Storm" by the SATV Music Library.

4. Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer - All-Star Cast (2021) – Authenticity and Hollywood are not synonymous words. Michelob quickly points out that "the industry" is loaded with imposters, but in a world full of phonies, their seltzer is certified organic. This star-studded cast of actors, athletes, and musicians call out their body doubles along to this certified archival track from the Bosworth Archive music library.

3. Pepsi - Great Acting or Great Taste? (2023) – This Ben Stiller narrated commercial is another take on Hollywood special effects vs authenticity. He pokes fun at an actor's ability to create a false sense of reality while touting the great taste of Pepsi's Zero Sugar soda. "Beyond the Peaks" from Inside Tracks and "I Don't Care" from Invasion from Mars are featured in this fast-paced smash cut-filled commercial and set the scene within seconds.

2. Bud Light and Game of Thrones - For the Throne (2019) – Dilly dilly! This commercial series set in medieval times features the "Bud Knight," jousting, and a flame-spewing flying dragon that disrupts the regal ceremony. It was a clever way to join the humorous world of Bud Light commercials and the drama of HBO's Game of Thrones series. KPM's flute and harpsichord-driven medieval track "Sir Richard's Pleasure" set the scene for all six spots in the series.

1. Paramount+ - Expedition (2021) – The petition to have "Sweet Victory" performed at half-time for Super Bowl LIII in honor of SpongeBob SquarePants creator Stephen Hillenburg's passing may not have been successful, but hearing it featured prominently in Paramount+'s ad in 2021 felt like a sweet victory. This gathering of Paramount's stars on top of the proverbial snow-covered Paramount mountain serenaded by SpongeBob performing his quintessential rock anthem "Sweet Victory" seemed like the perfect metaphor for this inclusive streaming network.

However, on February 1, CBS announced that Spongebob would perform the iconic song on Nickelodeon's big game broadcast. So, the petition, while quite late, has been granted.

We hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with us! We are excited to hear more APM Music in our favorite commercials for Super Bowl 2024 in Las Vegas. May your favorite team (or commercial) get all the glory! 

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