Download Stems

The Simple Way to Access Stems

17 Aug 2020

Stems are becoming more and more important in our industry, along with a simple way to access them. That's why we release new* stems on our APM Search site in each and every update. 


Want to search ONLY tracks that have stems available for instant download? Check the “Has Stems” quick filter in the left panel of the site.



When you see the STEMS icon as you mouse over a track name, simply click it and you'll be able to instantly download all stems for that track.



Before you download that track, you'll also be able to see which stems are included in the download, then click on the blue DOWNLOAD STEMS button to set your desired format and begin your download.



Don’t see stems for your favorite track online? Request it from your AE!

*Please note: Stems are generally not available for authentic archival tracks, classical music recordings and music written/released prior to 2009.