A promo image for the KPM Holiday Collection Drop with the KPM logo and a holiday wreath

KPM's Holiday Digital Collection Drop is Here

22 Dec 2022

A picture of a holiday themed ticket

The holiday elves at TuneGo and APM have been toiling hard all year to bring the season's perfect present: KPM's Holiday Digital Collection! And the good news is, you don't need to be naughty or nice to get the goods. All you need is a Dapper Wallet loaded with Flow.

Own a piece of history with this exclusive digital collection drop that features 7-holiday tracks from KPM's highly-prized archives.

KPM Holiday Collection (Ticket) 

1. A Christmas Fantasy - KPM_KPM_2078_04201 

KPM Holiday Collection (Tracks) 

  1. It's Christmas Time
  2. Are You Ready for Christmas
  3. My Christmas Wish
  4. Christmas in Your Eyes
  5. Wishes and Kisses
  6. Christmas Swingalong

You can have the KPM Holiday Digital Collection for only $18, but you have to get it ASAP before it's too late. We only offer 1000 collections for this drop, with 900 Common, 90 Rare, and 10 Legendary. 

Get your KPM Holiday Digital Collection HERE