Kingdom 2

  • 12 Jan 2023

    Kingdom 2 Music is one of APM Music's essential libraries. With over a hundred tracks in all genres, the library's output is one of the best music sources for film, tv, games, advertising, and sports. But aside from music, Kingdom 2 music's founder and chief songwriter, Gooding, also founded 'Funding the Future,' an organization that teaches kids the importance of financial literacy.

  • 01 Nov 2013

    World War Z. Pacific Rim. Star Trek, Elysium and After Earth. The summer of 2013 saw a list of blockbuster movies that told stories of the end of the world. Our costumed heroes in the Marvel and DC Universes alike managed to save the planet from evil foes whose only motive was assured destruction. Even two of the season's movie comedies, The World's End and This is The End capitalized on viewers' apocalyptic fears and End Times notions.

  • 28 Jun 2013

    Kingdom 2 CEO and artist, Gooding, kicked off his 2013 Summer Tour on June 11th! After polishing off the final mixes on a new batch of Kingdom 2 music, including the upcoming Motorcycle Blues (KING 92), Gooding and his band of brothers hit the road in their Eco-Truck. The tour truck, which features giant Kingdom 2 and Gooding logo, "Lil Red," plastered on both sides, runs off of recycled fry oil and was built and fully paid for by a fan-funding campaign.

  • 04 Mar 2013

    The 80’s were a turbulent time. The Brat Pack dominated the entertainment landscape. Kevin Bacon charmed his way into the hearts of America (with a brief detour for a dance break in a warehouse). Leg warmers assured the populace that no ankle would ever go chilly again. And in the music scene, snare drums had the sizzle of a shimmering cloud while guitars were let loose and noodled out wandering solos, all supported by the confident foundation of a Roland D-50 synthesizer.

  • 02 Jul 2012

    A message from Kingdom 2:

    Last week, ten albums of Kingdom 2’s music were made available through APM Music, marking the beginning of a partnership that will include the entirety of Kingdom 2’s current catalogue, as well as the music K2 produces in the future. Over the coming months APM will be incorporating K2’s catalogue ten albums at a time, and while we’ll certainly be excited about each new addition, there’s always something special about firsts.