a photo of Matt Gutknecht

Sync In Sports: APM's Matt Gutknecht Discusses Music Licensing for Sports Content on The Creativ Sports Podcast

07 Feb 2023

We are in the golden age of the creator economy. Millions, if not billions, of multimedia content, are uploaded on digital platforms each day. With this onslaught of content, the risk of running afoul of copyright owners whose intellectual properties are being used without permission is at its highest level. And no other IP is in greater danger than music. From YouTube to TikTok to Twitch, the unauthorized use of music on these platforms has caused trouble not only for the creators but more so for copyright owners who lose substantial amounts of revenue.

To provide clarity and education to those who need to know the ins and outs of music licensing, APM's very own Matt Gutknecht spoke on The Creativ Sports Podcast hosted by Justin PetersonBrock Raum, and Darius Thomas last January 30, 2023. 

The podcast is dedicated to the community of people who create and produce sports content all over the globe. 

Listen to Season 2, Episode 12, featuring Matt Gutknecht.