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Rock Stomp and Clap: Chapel of Rock Delivers Two Stellar Arena Rock Albums

11 May 2023

In April, Chapel of Rock released Absolute Rock Stomp and Clap Vol. 1, one of the best Arena Rock albums in the catalog. The nine-track release is filled with fist-pumping gems that are perfect for sports content, promos, and advertising. Tracks like Stomp Clap and Rock, Breakout Tonight, and Drop the Hammer will at once transport you to a jampacked stadium bursting with fireworks and pulsating with vocal chants, heavy guitar licks, huge drums, and thumping bass. 

But the library headed by UK–based composer/producer Chris Goulstone is one that does not get complacent with earlier successes. So, this month, they released the sequel, Absolute Rock and Clap Vol. 2, a twelve-track album that is as great as its predecessor. Both albums were produced and recorded in the good old-fashioned way of putting a band together and recording them live in a room. 

“I pulled out some of our top heavyweight writers for these two albums,” Goulstone said. “All the playing is live and rocking. Definitely no AI or computer trickery!” 

These two albums are a true testament to Goulstone’s dedication to quality. 

Meet the Composers 

Photos of Chapel of Rock composers

Julian Emery 

One of Britain's most prominent session guitarists, Julian has appeared on stage and on record with many pop acts, including Enrique Iglesias, Atomic Kitten, Kym Marsh, Blue and Annie Lennox. Writing for McFly produced a platinum selling record in the UK and three number one singles. 

“Chapel of Rock is a natural fit for me as I have the freedom to write, play and produce my favorite style of music.” Julian said. “They pull out all the stops to present the most exciting side of my guitar playing style - Proud to be part of the team!” 

Julian’s contributions to Absolute Rock Stomp and Clap Vol. 2 includes “Riot Rocker,” and “To the Gods.” 

Nick Evans and Jake Shillingford 

Nick Evans and Jake Shillingford make up an award-winning writing team based in Brighton in the UK. They have contributed tracks for both albums including “Drop the Hammer,” and “The Dead Can’t Lie.” 

“It’s been great working with Chapel of Rock. Chris is a true master of his craft and it’s great to work with someone like him who gives us creative freedom but also pushes us to make sure we're writing the most exciting music possible!” Nick said. “Every project we’ve worked on feels well thought out and it’s great that Chris spends the time playing real drums on our tunes. It gives them a new lease of human life, which is so important in these times when the threat of AI looms large. We feel grateful of our relationship with Chris, Chapel of Rock and by association, APM and hope it continues for a long time.” 

Neil Taylor 

Neil Taylor is an English guitarist and writer best known for his long-time affiliation with Robbie Williams and for formerly being a member of Tears for Fears

One of the main writers at Chapel of Rock, Taylor has appeared with many artists including Tina TurnerHoward JonesChris de Burgh and Natalie Imbruglia 

Gus Isidore 

An award-winning writer and Chapel of Rock collaborator, Gus has made an indelible mark in the world of rock and pop. His many awards include BMI songwriter Award, Peter Gabriel - Us - Gold album award – Virgin, Seal - Platinum album award- Warner Bros. 

Chris Goulstone 

With over a thousand copyrights to his name, Chris Goulstone's experience in the world of production music is second to none, having countless prestigious placements in film and television globally during his career as a composer.  

Chapel of Rock was established to build on this solid foundation with a select team of writers and session musicians with distinctive pedigrees in the industry. 

Works are produced from Sambourne House Studios in the UK. The Chapel of Rock ethos centers around end-to-end quality and integrity whereby all work is composed, recorded, mixed, edited and mastered in house to deliver the high-end product the market demands. 

Read more about Chris Goulstone 


Absolute Rock Stomp and Clap Volume One 

  • Stomp Clap and Rock 
  • Breakout Tonight 
  • Drop the Hammer 
  • Getting Out Alive 
  • Battle Ready 
  • Rebel Rider 
  • Dust Devil 
  • High Roads Stomp 
  • Skull Crush 


Absolute Rock Stomp and Clap Volume Two 

  • To the Gods 
  • Rockaway Blues 
  • Tailbone Shake 
  • Riot Rocker 
  • Primed and Ready 
  • The Dead Can’t Die 
  • Glam Stomp 
  • Final Shock 
  • Boots on the Ground 
  • Winning Team Stomp 
  • Sundown Swagger 
  • Bad Sam Stomp 

By Ted Reyes