Rhythm and Sound

Rhythm and Sound: The Music of One of Italy’s Finest Female Library Composers

09 Aug 2023

Anna Maria Assunta Andreassi is one of the very first and finest female composers of library music in Italy. She wrote music under the pseudonym “Mandrassi,” thus there is very little-known biographical information about her. She was active during “The Golden Age” of Italian production music.

A photo of Anna Maria Assunta Andreassi

Anna Maria Assunta Andreassi also known as Mandrassi

In 1973, Mandrassi teamed up with a composer named Zollinger–believed to be the pseudonym of Sergio Pagano, the brother of acclaimed Italian author, composer, and singer Mario Pagano–and wrote several funky tracks, which became the album, Rhythm and Sound. With the help of a legendary but mysterious Italian studio band, I Beati, the composers created music that is both groovy and timeless. It is Italian archival music at its absolute peak.

The album was released under a private label named Ludo Record and has remained in obscurity–known only to rabid collectors and library music fanatics– for over fifty years until now.

Sonor Music Editions and APM Music have finally made this influential album available for licensing.

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