Renaud Garcia-Fons Releases Two Albums That Take the Double Bass to Greater Heights

Renaud Garcia-Fons Releases Two Albums That Take the Double Bass to Greater Heights

17 Jan 2024

How can you elevate a humble instrument like the double bass? There are two ways: To listen to Rene Garcia-Fons' new album, Cinematic Double Bass: In a Jazzy Mood, and listen to his other new album, Cinematic Double Bass: In a Spirit of Travel. These two new albums show how the instrument can soar in the hands of one of the most gifted composers and double bass players in the world today. Both albums are cinematic at their core, recorded and produced by Garcia-Fons at Arcoluz Studio for the French label Cezame.  

"Frédéric Leibovitz of Cezame Music Agency came up with an exciting proposal," Garcia-Fons said. "Why don't you do another thematic album like Méditerranées ten years ago, all based around the double bass? We could call it Cinematic Bass?" It was an offer he could not refuse. 

Garcia-Fons went to work, drawing inspiration from his beloved film noir soundtracks of the 50s and 60s, known for their "walking" double bass lines to bring life to chase and suspenseful scenes.  

"The double bass is a multi-facetted instrument and can be played in many ways - pizzicato, bowed, pizz d'arco, percussion and used with many different effects, which allowed the project to diversify, taking in new colors and opening up a vast variety of soundscapes and moods," Garcia-Fons added.  

Cezame released the double album in physical format (compact disc) and currently ranks no. 5 in the FNAC Jazz charts, an extraordinary crossover feat for a library music album. It is also getting a lot of streams and honorable mentions in the French and German music press.  

"This is, for us, the kind of crossover operation that we would like to model and that the evolution of the music library allows today," said Frederic Leibowitz, CEO of Cezame Music Agency.  

 Listen to the albums now.  

Album credits:  

  • Renaud Garcia-Fons: Double Bass  
  • Stéphan Caracci: Drums, Vibraphone.  
  • Solea Garcia-Fons: Voice  
  • All compositions and arrangements by Renaud Garcia-Fons  
  • Recorded by Renaud Garcia-Fons at Arcoluz Studio  
  • Produced by Renaud Garcia-Fons for Cezame Music Agency  
  • Mixed by François de Raugan Mastering by Ludovic Lanen  

All tracks are available for licensing in North America through APM Music.