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New Release Day: Ciro Miami and the Shimmer of 80s Synthpop

04 Jan 2023

A pohot of drummer/composer Andre De Fazio

The 1980s was when shoulder pads, LA Gear, baggy pants, and heavy eyeliners were the epitome of cool. A direct response to the drag of the 1970s, the new decade was exhilarating, excessive, colorful, and bold. All of which were captured by the popular music of the time. Synthesizers and electronic drums dominated recording studios all over the globe. Electronic Dance Music was born and provided the soundtrack for the ages.

This vibe is what Sonor Production Music perfectly captured in their new album: Ciro Miami. Written and produced by the creative duo Andrea De Fazio and Paolo Petrella, both members of the band Nu Guinea, Ciro Miami is retro music in its glossiest form. 

We chatted about this new album with Andrea, who is currently in Naples.

Tell us about this new album – Ciro Miami. What was the concept?

"Ciro Miami" by Fratelli Malibu is an instrumental album inspired by the film and TV soundtracks of the 1980s. 

How did you produce the songs? Where did you record?

I wrote most of the songs in the album and produced them in the studio with Paolo Petrella, who also co-wrote the title track with me. The entire record was recorded at the Ku Studio in Naples and the base studio of the La Scimmia Records record label.

How did the sessions go?

I recorded all the songs at home for fun. But Paolo Petrella heard it, and he was delighted. He told me he would be very happy to produce it in his studio. We decided to re-record many of the parts I recorded on my computer in a proper studio. I tracked the drums, some piano parts, and synth lines, while Paolo tracked the bass, guitars, and other synths parts as well. Dario Bassolino also recorded some synths, and Marco Pedicini laid in some amazing guitar parts. Marco designed the album artwork as well.

What's your opinion on the Synthpop, Synthwave, Dark Synth trends today?

I'm not really into these genres. I listen to a lot of 70s and 80s music. However, being on tour with various artists as a session drummer, I am exposed to many new and exciting music outside these electronic genres. I love listening to all good quality music. from Jazz to Rock to Afrobeat and Synthmusic.

Who are your main influences, and why?

As I said earlier, I listen to all kinds of music. But since I studied Jazz, my main influences are mostly Afro-American music of the 20th century. 

For this particular album, Ciro Miami, I was influenced by American Synthpop, P-Funk, Dam Funk, early 1980s Madonna, and Parliament. Another important influence is the Japanese music of the 80s, like Yellow Magic Orchestra and Haruomi Hosono. Giorgio Moroder's 80" disco was also a great source of inspiration as well as Milan Pilar's Electronica New Age music.

If there's a film you want your music to be featured in, which one and which song?

The tracks. "Turbogetto Rolls" or "Baffo Tom" would be great for the Beverly Hills Cop trilogy.

What's your synth setup for this album?

I recorded the drums using an acoustic set from Hoshino, a Japanese brand from the 1970s. I also triggered a Linn Drum Machine for some tracks. For Synthesizer tracks, we used Sequential Prophet, Dx21, Behringer Model D, and a Farfisa Soundmaker.

Why call the album Ciro Miami?

I imagine Ciro as a Neapolitan expatriate living the American dream in Miami. He discovers a world of excess, flashy cars, cocktail bars, beautiful women, cocaine, gambling, spaceships, and video games – eventually eating away all his money and forcing him to return to Naples completely broken. All that he has left is a handful of wonderful memories

The brand new 8-track album is a feast for the nostalgia market.

Listen to the full album HERE.