Album cover of Afrobeats

New Release Day: Afrobeats and The Rhythm of Life

01 Feb 2023

According to renowned psychologist Merlin Donald, author of the best-selling book 'Origins of the Modern Mind,' human culture can be traced back to our innate compulsion toward imitation, mimicry, and mimesis. And that the quintessential mimetic skill is Rhythm.

 "All non-verbal communication is mimetic and can be performed by various actions, depending on the proposed goal: facial expressions, eye movements, signs, gestures, postures, movement patterns throughout the body, tone of voice, etc. There is also an ingredient that man, and only he can do, adds to the mimesis: Rhythm. Rhythm adds another value to the gesture," Donald said. "Once a rhythm is established, it may be played out with any motor modality, including the hands, feet, mouth, or the whole body." This theory explains why humans are intrinsically musical and Rhythm is the force that drives human life.

Afrobeats: The Rhythm of West Africa

The most critical ingredient in West African music is Rhythm. In contrast, European music focuses on sweet melodies and complex harmonies, while African music is about cycles, patterns, and rhythms. The use of percussion instruments like the Djembe drums and Dunun bells, as well as the call-and-response style of vocal arrangement, achieves this. The music pulsates with life and spirit.

The latest album from the composer Richard Guy Jackson is one of the best examples of modern West African music. Aptly called Afrobeats, the 60-track album contains elements of traditional West African music and Jazz, Funk, and Hip-Hop. 

"Afrobeats is an authentic collection of modern West African styles of music. These tracks are richly woven with African rhythms and bright melodic content without overpowering an edit," said APM's Music Director, Sarah Scarlata. "The variety of vocal, harmonic, and percussive qualities tell a compelling story with subtlety and grace."

She also lists three of her favorite tracks from this album: Lagos Flow  - VocalNigerian Nights - Vocal, and Plingking - Full Instrumental.


Album cover of Afrobeats

Library: HARD

Release Date: January 4, 2023

Composer: Richard Guy Jackson

Tracklisting (Main Mixes)

  1. Nigerian NightsVocal
  2. Marching - Full Instrumental
  3. Accra Streets - Vocal
  4. Labadi Beach - Full Instrumental
  5. Slo Jamz - Vocal
  6. Festival Season - Vocal
  7. Lagos Flow - Vocal
  8. Pling King - Full Instrumental
  9. Naijam - Full Instrumental
  10. Club Africa - Vocal

Alternate Versions are Available HERE