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Dronebox Audio’s New Releases Push the Boundaries of Sounds and Textures

11 Apr 2023

Dropbox Audio, the London-based library that produces high-quality sonic atmospheres and textures for films and media, released two albums this month that continue to push the limits of sound design. 

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album cover of A Tense Resonance Sound Design Album

A Tense Resonance focuses on the resonant, sonorous qualities of textures and percussion to provide a sense of apprehensive, cautious brooding. Poignant atmospheric soundscapes for serious drama, documentaries, and investigative reporting. 

Track Listing 

  • "Tormented," Ominous low drums beat slowly with disturbing textures and deep, dissonant waves to provide a sense of sinister agitation and anguish. 
  • "Behind Closed Doors," Eerie, unnerving soundscape develops with cyclic piano motif over distant percussion and razor-edged metallic scrapes. 
  • "Expansion," An outlying chord sustains under resonant percussion hits and builds throughout to a saturated, distorted climax suggesting an almost unbearable sense of pressure. 
  • "Dirty Secrets," Persistent, metronomic throbbing bass pulses and tangled percussion rhythms and hits nag and dig creating a sense of an unwanted realization and apprehension. 
  • "Subversion," Bass waves undulate under slow, protracted piano theme with ghostly textures and random, soft percussive drops to provide a feeling of soft reflections and disturbing memories. 
  • "Cold Water," Waves of insistent, nagging tapping weave between ominous uneasy, low percussive hits and screeching metal scratches to provide a sense of deep routed malevolence. 
  • "Resonant Shadows," - Foreboding, uneasy textures blow like an ill wind under a haunting long-drawn-out piano theme - troubled introspection and hyper-vigilance. 
  • "Broken,"  A slow, thoughtful exploration of fragile emotions and feelings. A repeated simple piano motif provides a sense of reflection and self-scrutiny. 
  • "Slow Progress," Slow, ethereal, soft vocal textures create a contrasting beauty set against the heavy, resounding percussive hits and groaning structures to provide a sense of supplication. 
  • "Dirty Business," Searching grimy streets, hustling for answers, getting hands dirty. A repeated bass motif supported with electro rhythm fx moves the process along.  

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Album cover of 10 shades of electronica

10 Shades of Electronica is an assorted selection of authentic, nostalgic analogue electronica. Drones, textures, and atmospheric soundscapes are created using our extensive collection of classic, vintage electronic instruments for documentaries, drama, and other media. 

Composed and produced by Gary Scargill and Peter Oldroyd, the two albums are essential additions to your sound design collection and perfect for your next project. 

Track Listing 

  • Deep Thoughts,” Spiritual, drifting, ethereal beauty with a magnificent, distorted riff, analogue percussion, and deep bass. 

Synthesizers used: Roland TR-808, Moog System 35, Moog Taurus, Roland Gaia. 

  • Stopframe ,” Building, tense, beautiful, sophisticated sequencer moves and phased lush chords create a thing of beauty. 

Synthesizers used: Moog Subsequent 25, Novation Peak, Roland System 8. 

  • Lifeforms,” Lush, beautiful atmospherics from pulsing, gated chords, TR-808 beats and deep Moog Taurus drone.  

Synthesizers used: QU-Bit Surface, Novation Peak, Roland System 1, Moog Taurus 

  • The Maths,” Deep, dark puzzle labyrinth where random sequencer lines and deep bass lines combine to create the mystery. 

Synthesizers used: Delptronics LDB-1, Moog DFAM, Moog Mother 32, Novation Peak. 

  • Squelch,” Quirky, deep, insistent electro beats create heavy tension and switch back white noise folding. 

Synthesizers used: Moog DFAM, Moog Mother 32, Sequential Prophet 6, Moog Taurus. 

  • Twisted Beats,” Smooth electro beats and arpeggio vibes driving the phased chords to deliver a lush driving vibe.  

Synthesizers used: Roland SH-3, Moog DFAM, Moog Mother 32, Moog Taurus, Novation Peak. 

  • Know Where to Hide,” Driving, pulsing beats with heavy analogue distortion and phased sequencing leading a trip into the unknown.  

Synthesizers used: Moog Mother 32, Moog DFAM, Novation Peak, Roland SH-3. 

  • Shape Shifter,” Haunting, distant, pumping bass line with bleak threatening white noise percussion creating a cool 80's vibe. 

Synthesizers used: Roland Jupiter 8, Octave Cat, Roland SH-101, Roland Juno 6. 

  • Dirty Circuits,” Distorted, powerful electro beats with TR-808 percussion and pounding distorted bass beats. 

Synthesizers used: Roland TR-808, Moog DFAM, Moog Taurus, Moog System 35 Modular. 

  • Travelling Beyond,” Random, distorted driving metal beats with distant electro chaos and white noise percussion travelling to a powerful climax. 

Synthesizers used: West Coast Wavefolding, Moog DFAM, Moog Mother 32, Sequential Prophet.

About Dropbox Audio 

Dropbox Audio’s main goal is to create and establish the ultimate collection of sustained atmospheres and textures for film, video games, and other media.  

From simple monotone drones to complex layers and tone clusters, from vintage and modern electronic sound sources through to organic and orchestral instruments. Dropbox Audio’s remit is wide and far reaching to ensure we bring a creative, emotionally diverse, and user-friendly array of underscores and scene-setters to the film maker in one respected library. To help us achieve the best of this, we embrace the latest digital and organic sound sources along with an impressive collection of vintage analogue synthesizers. This enables us to create a series of unique sounds for all productions.  

Vintage Analogue Series  

Dropbox Audio’s love and enthusiasm for classic synth tones of the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s is second to none. They acquired an extensive collection of classic analogue synthesizers including classic gear from iconic brands such as: 

  • Moog 
  • Roland 
  • Doepfer modular systems 
  • Korg 
  • Electronic Dream Plant 
  • Octave 
  • Oberheim 
  • Sequential Circuits 

More on Sound Design

  • Sound design is the process of creating and manipulating audio elements for use in film, television, video games, and other media. 
  • The term was coined by Walter Murch, who is considered to be one of the pioneers of modern sound design. 
  • Sound design can include creating and manipulating sounds using synthesizers, recording, and editing field recordings, and integrating music and dialogue into a cohesive soundscape. 
  • The sound design industry is expected to grow by 5% between 2019 and 2029, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
  • Sound design plays a critical role in the success of video games. In fact, a survey of game developers found that 97% of respondents agreed that sound design is important to the overall gaming experience. 
  • Sound design is an essential component of virtual reality experiences. According to a survey of VR professionals, 80% of respondents believed that sound design is just as important as visual design in creating an immersive VR experience. 
  • The Academy Awards introduced a category for Best Sound Design in 1983, which was later split into two separate categories for Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing. 
  • Sound design can have a significant impact on our emotional response to media. Studies have shown that the use of specific sounds, such as high-pitched or low-pitched tones, can elicit emotional responses such as fear, joy, or sadness in listeners. 
  • The field of sound design is constantly evolving as innovative technologies emerge. For example, the use of spatial audio technology, such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, is becoming increasingly common in film, television, and VR productions to create a more immersive audio experience for audiences.