album cover of Crunk Comeback

Crunk Comeback: Perfect Time Music Drops Southern-Style Hip-Hop Album

28 Jul 2023

Sports content pulsates with the beat of Hip-Hop music. From football to basketball to combat sports, the music's energy catapults the content to greater heights.

New York-based label Perfect Time Music is an artist-driven outfit that continues to produce some of the hottest beats in the industry today. This month, they unleased their latest album Crunk Comeback, featuring 18 tracks of southern-style Hip-Hop with underscores perfect for sports content.

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Track listing (Main mixes)

About Perfect Time

Founded in 2010 by entertainment executive Adam Brostoff, Perfect Time Publishing quickly made an impression by licensing authentic Hip-Hop production music and amassing placements across unscripted TV and sports programming. With a roster that has produced for the likes of Rick Ross, Ludacris, and the late Mac Miller, Perfect Time prides itself on anticipating musical trends and servicing the industry with urban and pop music of the highest quality. 

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