Lo-Fi Post Punk Grit Album

Bibliotheque’s ‘Lo-Fi Post Punk Grit’ Album is Pure Adrenaline Set Into Music

14 Aug 2023

The combination of hard-pounding drums, distorted guitars, and driving bass lines can inject raw energy into otherwise dormant visuals. Bibliotheque’s new album, Lo-Fi Post Punk Grit, is a clear example of music that holds such power.

The twelve-track rock album from composers Omer Agca, Eamonn Patrick Downes, Renny Robert Carroll, Mark Coupe, Donal Scott, David Blatteau, and David Howard Birnie has mostly vocal-led tracks produced with a Lo-Fi-Post Punk concept, giving it an indie, gritty quality perfect for combat sports, fight and chase scenes.

Some album highlights include: 

Stems, instrumentals, and underscores are available. 

Listen to the entire album.