Album cover of dark is beautiful

Album Feature: Dark is Beautiful

28 Feb 2023

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By Sarah Scarlata

There is something undeniably alluring about the dark. It’s mysterious, slightly dangerous, and a place we have been told to avoid since we were kids. As we age, we gather the courage to step into the unknown and behold the beauty that only the darkness knows.

The Superama music library is an exciting new catalog from MYMA, featuring current and captivating Hip Hop and Electronic music. SUPRA-0010 Dark Is Beautiful explores the depth and seduction of deep Electro and Hip Hop with 11 unique tracks. The pulsing electronic attitude of each song grabs your ear from the first note and takes you on a haunting and intensifying ride. The uses for this album are diverse and include advertising, trailer opens and middles, promos, and club source music. Track highlights include: Run ControlJust KiddingOld Nemesis

Dark is Beautiful at-a-glance

  • Music for advertising
  • Music for film
  • Music for TV
  • Trailer music
  • Club music
  • Genres: EDM, Hip-Hop, Trap
  • Library: Superama (SUPRA)
  • Composers: Various
  • Catalog Number: SUPRA-0010
  • Release DatLe: 2023-02-01
  • Tracks: 57

The most striking element to these tracks are the beats which are a marriage of EDM, Hip Hop, and Trip Hop. They can stand alone to propel an edit and add a shade of dark, brooding energy. The tracks build with interesting layers and add a hypnotic vibe that pulls you into their web of mystery. The vocal samples and lyrics add a menacing message with hooks like “run,” “losing control,” “just kidding,” and “I’m so embarrassed,” which can highlight the right tone to the scene it is scoring.

Dark Is Beautiful reminds us that there is depth in what hides in the shadows. Take a leap of faith and discover for yourself!

Dark Is Beautiful

Album cover of dark is beautiful

Track Listing:

*Alternate Versions and Stems Available

Listen to the full album HERE.