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Promethean’s Outlier: Harnessing the Fire

27 Nov 2023

In Greek mythology, Prometheus is a powerful figure. He is sometimes referred to as “The God of Fire” due to his theft of fire to give it to humanity. He and his brother Epimetheus were assigned to create man, originally made from clay and called Prometheans. The infusion of fire made man strong, much to the dismay of Zeus, which resulted in eternal punishment and torment.

It is no surprise that the Promethean trailer music library brings the fire. With eight releases live on our search engine since their APM debut in September, they are starting strong with various moods and styles ranging from family adventure to dark, dramatic sound design.

Their first release, Outlier, is a captivating collection of first acts that add emotional depth and intriguing tones to set the scene. With legato strings, piano, and building pulsing drums, these tracks establish an elegant tone without overpowering the edit. Here are some album highlights: 

Promethean’s track “Insight” took home the 2023 Production Music Association’s Mark Award for the Ambient Track of the Year. With soft and tender piano on top of a warm drone, this track says a lot without getting busy. Check it out: 

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If tracks with vocals are your thing, check out Big Vox Records, which also comes from the Powers Music Group. Keep your eye on these libraries. There is much more fire to come! 


By Sarah Scarlata