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New Library Day: Music to Air: Your New Source of Music for TV

08 Feb 2023

By Caitlin White


The world of production music is populated by lots of smaller micro libraries that veer toward specific genres, visual types, or moods. One of APM's latest partners within the production music universe is Music To Air, a label from All3Media that's focused on innovation and creative excellence. Their catalog includes specialist composers from around the globe who span multiple genres and are frequently used in music for TV as well as by content creators everywhere to engage with certain emotions and themes.

Within Music To Air's diverse library, we're spotlighting three distinct albums of production music to help give a sense of what creators or those looking to use music for TV might find when they dive into this label. With specific albums that are primarily focused on music for TV and others that are geared toward the emotional topics that creators might be seeking to evoke, Music To Air is an exceptional resource within the production music arena. 

These albums are literally packed with tracks, musical snippets, and songs, all designed to dovetail with the needs of visual creators working to produce short-form content, as well as film and TV projects. 

Check out just a few selections from Music To Air below, and keep them in mind for all your future short-form content and TV soundtrack musical needs.

Album cover of Tv Rock

TV Rock

While most TV shows can't splurge on a sync from classic grunge bands like Nirvana or alt-rock darlings like The Strokes or Interpol, there are certain moments in any drama worth it's salt where a solid rock chorus would be the best musical choice. And that's where the TV Rock album comes in, with a whole host of upbeat guitars, rock riffs, and driving melodies to dig into. These players might not be stars like Kurt Cobain, Julian Casablancas, or Paul Banks, but they've got all the rock your show might need to be embedded across almost 400 tunes. And if TV Rock doesn't have what you're looking for? Well, Music To Air also created TV Rock 2, TV Rock 3, and TV Rock 4. Odds are, one of them has the era or sound your show is going for.

album cover of Warm and gentle

Warm And Gentle

Plenty of creators working on Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram are highlighting subject matter that's centered around the beautiful world of hygge—that cozy, unforgettable feeling of warmth and comfort. That's exactly what the soothing, oh-so-sweet tracks on this Warm And Gentle album are so great for accompanying, and hey, if you ever need any help calming down after a stressful day, this album of more than 250 tracks is pretty great for that, too. But hey, if you're on the hunt for production music, content is usually the name of the game, and these tunes are the kind of idyllic soundtrack that will make a cozy moment stand out above the rest.

album cover of TV shorts

TV Shorts

Somewhere in between the world of mainstream cable TV and content creators, the TV short is a genre unto itself. Tracks in this hyper-specific category would be perfect for soundtracking a snippet that shows off a very short treatment or small idea before it's been fleshed out. They'd also be great for tiny moments in larger shows that need a certain sound effect or emotional tonality to make the scene more resonant. Beyond music, they can stand in for specific formats like bloopers that other songs or sounds might not fit with. With close to 150 musical cues that come in just under a minute, the cuts on this TV Shorts album are just as useful as they are concise.