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Watch: Bjarni Biering Returns with Volume Two of His Highly Successful Album, 'Nordic Piano'

20 May 2024

Stereo Royale and APM Music proudly present the second volume of Bjarni Biering's groundbreaking album Nordic Piano. The ten-track release, just like its predecessor, contains the Icelandic composer's trademark sound that incorporates delicate piano compositions, cinematic textures, and Nordic influences. 

Watch the short documentary about the making of this beautiful album. 

Nordic Piano 2 has ten main versions and thirty-nine alternative versions ready to make your TV drama, documentary, or feature film stand out.  

The album will be available for licensing through APM Music on June 5th.

Listen to Nordic Piano 1

About the composer

Hailing from Iceland, composer Bjarni Biering is a multi-instrumentalist with the ability to evoke emotions through his music. From delicate piano pieces to bold orchestral film scores, Bjarni adds a distinct Nordic essence to his compositions, bringing vivid imagery to life.