stereo royale lofi beat oddities cover

Tropical Cocktails in Outer Space – 'Lo-Fi Beat Oddities'

31 Oct 2023

The landscape of sounds in the Hip-Hop music genre is fast evolving. Experimentation and creativity are hallmarks of the genre. A wide variety of sub-genres have been created in its fifty years of existence.

Lo-Fi Hip Hop was invented in the early 2000s and combines elements of Chillout music, Boom Bap, and ChillHop. Like all Hip-Hop sub-genres, the sound was born from the technology available at the time to create the music. The Boss SP-303 and Roland SP-404 samplers had a "long/lo-fi" button, which records at half the regular sample rate, which gives the sound more space. Artists like MF DOOM, Madlib, Nujabs, J Dilla, and KSR-One have been credited with popularizing and inventing Lo-Fi Hip-Hop.

Lo-Fi Beat Oddities comes to us from the Copenhagen-based StereoRoyal Library. This album combines everything we love about the style and adds a relaxed confidence with a hint of quirk. Infectious Boom Bap beats paired with reverb-drenched Farfisa organ melodies that lag far behind the beat make for a fun and unique sound. These tracks take you to a tropical locale located somewhere in outer space.

Here are some track highlights:

Tune in, chill out, grab a fruity cocktail, and soak in the dreamy weirdness!  

By Sarah Scarlata